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“Their mix of gritty guitars and undeniable hooks really drew me in.”
-Travis Barker, Blink 182

“They’re young, they’re good looking… they craft really good songs”
-Mikey Welsh, Ex-Weezer

“[Buzzkill is] a mix of dirty and jangly guitars, plus mile wide vocal hooks”
Carlos Ramirez, Diffuser.FM

“[Twin Berlin] subtly refined the underground feel to a perfect level.”
Property of Zack

“an indie scrawl hinting at shades of some other powerful rock trios (think Dinosaur Jr, Nirvana, Blink-182)”

“a dirty rock album that proves these dudes have studied every second of Dinosaur Jr’s ‘You’re Living All Over Me’ and probably Mudhoney’s ‘Superfuzz Bigmuff’ too.”
Red Bull Music

“Their set was so in-your-face (and I was at the front of the crowd) that it was impossible not to jam along unless you were deaf. Their current single, “Can’t Take, Take, Take” blew the doors off the place at the end of their set and led to some lovely stage destruction.”
-Adam Parshall, Allston Pudding

“[Twin Berlin] seem poised for attention outside of the local scene, with memorable tracks like “Can’t Take, Take, Take,” power-chord-slashing pop, and Strokes-like guitar leads”
-Luke O’Neil, Boston Globe

“monster volume and garage punk arena hooks.”
-Jed Gottlieb, Boston Herald

“distorted, pleasant hook-laden songs”
-Chris Leo Palermino, Boston Metro

“They have a kickass sound all their own, and that’s exactly what it’s meant to do: kick ass. Their sheer energy onstage and desire to be there was pretty damn clear.”
-Adam Parshall, Allston Pudding

“Twin Berlin had one mission in the 2013 Rumble: Remind everybody that rock ‘n’ roll is supposed to be fun… These guys are a blast”
-Johnny Anguish, Daykamp

“a contender for making the jump to the next level”
-Luke O’Neil, Boston Globe

“raucous, fuzzed-out tunes got people going”
-Johnny Anguish, Daykamp

“an amphetamine-addled garage rock growl”
-Michael Moratta, Vanyaland

“This is an act that is still in the midst of an upward trajectory; one that shows no signs of wavering. ”
-Michael Christopher, Vanyaland

“perfectly messy”
– Michael Marotta, Vanyaland

“hopelessly catchy garage rock”
-Ryan Spaulding, Ryan’s Smashing Life

“songs that pack a sonic punch unheard since the Libertines ended in a trainwreck, the Exploding Hearts ended in tragedy, and the Strokes got too bored being model-shagging rock stars”
-Keith Creighton, PopDose

“Each sound on the EP is there for a reason and serves only one purpose: to grab you, hold you and make you beg for more.”
– Tender Branson, Write.Click.Cook.Listen

“three songs of energetic rock that fuels your soul, pinches your neck, kicks your ass and says ‘you’re welcome!'”
Audio Perv

“raw, high-energy sound”
– Modern Drummer

“the trifecta of songs represents Twin Berlin’s gritty, unapologetic style of rock and roll”
– Matt Elias,

“From the moment they took the stage, the crowd was up and dancing, with Twin Berlin playing with passion and energy.”
– Jay Mucci, Beat Patrol

“catchy bare bones, no frills Rock and Rolla with a rebellious attitude like it’s supposed to be”
Popa’s Tunes

“A jigsaw of screeching electric guitars and a raging drum backing…”
Indie Is Not A Genre

“catchy without being trivial”
– Jessica Thelen, Westfield Voice

“What Twin Berlin do very well is inject so much energy into these songs that they’d never pass an Olympic doping test.”
– Kev W, The Sound of Confusion

“Twin Berlin’s sense of style is impeccable, displaying a timeless sense of effortless cool, like someone whose collar just keeps popping up naturally. Their sound is a dashing one, roguishly dirty and ridiculously vibrant.”
– C.D. Di Guardia, Boston Band Crush

“good old-fashioned underground rock”
– Ryan Spaulding, Ryan’s Smashing Life

“perfect blend of rock with an indie-styled approach”
Going Underground Is Entertainment

Singled Out: Twin Berlin (Travis Barker)
Anti Music

“serious garage rock that will make you want to kick your friend’s teeth in (but only in the best of ways).”
Migrate Music Review

“truly showcase the band’s garage aesthetic, and there’s even a slight punk vibe to “Give Up on Me” that might have been influenced by the producer himself (or maybe just the drums).  Either way, Twin Berlin is slowly growing into their talent…”
– Chris, Racecar Spacecar

“Known for their frenzied and powerful live show, Twin Berlin will cap off the evening with a guitar wail designed to wake the gods themselves.”
– Richard Bouchard, BostonBandCrush

“a 4-song self-produced EP released last January proved this young band has plenty of raw talent that begs comparisons to The Strokes and The Libertines.  We’ve enjoyed their live set as well…”

“Twin Berlin is the best unknown band I’ve heard this year.”
– Chris, RacecarSpacecar

“…every part of their songs are entertaining, making you want to sing along with not only the lead guitar, but the rhythm and drums as well.”
– Chris, RacecarSpacecar

“familiar, super-sharp sound”
– Templeton, MySecretBoston

“pitch-perfect three-minute indie rock”
-Boston Phoenix

“For fans of the Libertines and other danceable modern indie rock, Twin Berlin comes highly recommended.”
Boston Herald

“Twin Berlin is a newcomer, but they are definitely a band you want to keep an eye out for. ”
Inner Ear Media

“Their songs give off a classic/punk 70’s indie vibe that is simply something that I wouldn’t want you to miss out on. They got the goods.”
– Will, We All Want Someone